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Martes, 07 de Julio del 2020



MQ Volunteer Program  has established close relationships with various non-profit organizations in Huancayo and surrounding areas. Together with these partner organizations MQ Volunteer Program develops projects and tasks for the volunteers based on the current needs of each institution. As a volunteer, you will be working with one of the partner organizations (listed below). Naturally, MQ staff will provide constant support and assistance as you adjust to your new role and become a member of a local non-profit organization.

Volunteers are encouraged to choose a site based on their interests, skills and previous professional experience. Please choose a site where you feel you’d be most helpful.

Volunteers at the community health center must be trained medical professionals (e.g. doctor, dentist, pharmacists, nurse, emergency medical technician, etc) or students of medicine or other health related fields. A certification of professional training/student status is required as a proof.

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Foto makikita quykuway community center

Makikita Quykuway Community Center

The Makikita Quykuway Community Center was established in February 2008. This Community Center was launched to provide additional educational support to some of the poorest children of the Cooperati...
Foto public schools

Public Schools

      Makikita Quykuway Volunteer Program works together with public schools located in impoverished areas. Makikita volunteers primarily work in the schools teaching English, the ...
Foto community health center

Community Health Center

  Community Health Centers are strategically located in the poorest areas surrounding the city of Huancayo. The health centers provide basic but essential health care to the underserved. In ad...
Foto special needs school

Special Needs School

    The special needs school is located in one of the suburbs of Huancayo. Here teachers work to teach students with disabilities basic skills using different methodologies. For instan...
Foto nursery


  One of our most rewarding volunteer experiences takes place in a government run nursery. This nursery looks after children up until age 3. Many of these children come from single parent fa...

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Foto how to get to huancayo

How to get to Huancayo?

  Travelling to Huancayo from Lima (you will first have to fly into Lima) By Bus   Buses from Lima run several times a day through several different companies. The safest and most ...
Foto weekend excursions

Weekend Excursions!

On weekends. volunteers have time to relax and visiting  tourist destinations. Huancayo has beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, ruins, and glaciers. Older surrounding villages are usually v...
Foto spanish lessons

Spanish lessons

    Spanish lessons Most of our volunteers come to Peru with a very low level of Spanish. This creates a communication barrier with children in different projects where volunteers have ...