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Martes, 07 de Julio del 2020



US$1 = 3.26 soles (NOTE: this exchange rate may vary. The exchange rate listed is simply an estimate to give potential volunteers a sense of our local currency).




Volunteers’ contributions are used to support the Makikita Quykuway Organization. These contributions are vitally important to keeping our organization running, as we are quickly growing. For instance, attendance at our Community Center has increased substantially in recent years, thus increasing our organization’s costs. We are excited to be able to help so many individuals in need; however, with this larger number of attendees, the amount of money needed to sustain our programs has also increased. The economical contribution  of volunteers allows us to continue our programs that drastically improve so many impoverished individuals’ lives. Below is a chart outlining how money is spent within our organization:








In the volunteer house, volunteers have a number of amenities which include: private bedroom, bathroom with hot shower, wifi, a common living area with a TV, and a kitchen with cooking amenities and utensils for meal preparation.




Peruvian families are specially selected to host our volunteers.  They offer the opportunity to experience the Peruvian life, learn about local customs, visit tourist places, and live in a cozy, family environment.

Peruvian families provide volunteers a private bedroom, bathroom with hot shower, wifi, two meals per day (breakfast and lunch) from Monday to Saturday.  In addition, volunteers are able to use the kitchen to prepare their own dinner.




Our organization takes into account that students are currently not generating an income. Consequently, the living costs are slightly lower for university students. However, if there are a high number of current volunteers, the university students may then have to share a room with other volunteers.




Volunteers are offered a chance to improve their basic/intermediate Spanish skills during one-on-one sessions with a teacher. All teachers are certified Spanish teachers and have extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language. Classes are everyday. In addition, Spanish lessons are individualized toward each volunteers’ specific learning needs: volunteers are able to choose what grammar structures they would like to master during their private sessions and can request to learn terminology specific to their volunteering situation (for instance, a volunteer working in a hospital can request to learn medical terminology). Depending on the number of Spanish lessons desired, it is possible to receive a discounted rate. Volunteers should ask on an individual basis about the possibility of a reduced rate. 


Volunteers are asked to pay their living fees (see above) and volunteer contribution ($120) upon their arrival to Huancayo (no later than 7 days after arriving). Payments are made in cash. 


ATMs are readily available throughout the city of Huancayo. Volunteers should check with their local in-country bank to determine their country-specific international ATM fees. 


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