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Viernes, 15 de Diciembre del 2017


Meet the MQ Team

makikita team




Juliana Naupari Samaniego

Makikita Quykuway Executive Director

Juliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the Universidad Nacional del Centro del Peru in Huancayo. She also has a degree in Education from the Universidad Federico Villarreal in Lima. Her professional experience includes working with street children, and teaching Spanish and English at public and private schools. Juliana founded Makikita Quykuway in 2006.




Liliana Naupari Samaniego

Coordinator of the Street Children’s Program

Liliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University Nacional Del Centro del Perú in Huancayo. In addition, she has a Masters in Educational Development. Liliana has been working for the government for seventeen years in The Street Children’s Programs. This program helps children who work on the street. She hopes that someday all children can enjoy their childhood without forced labour.





Maryori López Meza

Makikita Quykuway Community Center Teacher

Maryori is studying Social Work at University of Nacional del Centro del Perú. Her professional practicing was in the Street Children Program.  









Efraín Arrieta

Spanish Lesson Coordinator

Has been an English and Spanish teacher for many years, with lots of experience in teaching volunteers and foreigners in Huancayo. He has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and is now the coordinator of Spanish classes at Makikita.







Helen Patiño Patiño

Spanish Teacher
Helen has a Bachelor in Hospitality and tourism. She studied at Universidad Alas Peruanas in Huancayo. She speaks English advanced. She has taught Spanish language to foreigners for two years. 

James Thomas Stuart Cosford

English Lesson Co-ordinator

James is a Scottish volunteer that arrived in February 2014 to help in the Street Children Program. He is now studying Business Engineering in Huancayo at the Univeridad Continental. He coordinates and teaches the English classes at Makikita, and the money from this is contributed towards the Charity and helping the children.




Consultants Abroad




Catherine Richardson

Catherine Richardson is from England and has participated in the volunteer program three times. She did a great job at Community Center and at the Street Children Program. She promised to return in the future! If you have any questions or doubts about volunteering, please feel free to contact her at cuqsuita@gmail.com





Picker Chen

Picker Chen is from Australia and came to volunteer in 2014. She loves to help children, and her participation was really appreciated at Community Center. She still wants help the Organization, so if you have any questions about the volunteer program, please contact her at mariadeldia@gmail.com






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About Us

Makikita Quykuway means “Give me your hand” in Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas. Guided by this principle, the organization has brought together a network of compassionate...
Foto meet the mq team

Meet the MQ Team

    Juliana Naupari Samaniego Makikita Quykuway Executive Director Juliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the Universidad Nacional del Centro del Peru in Huancay...

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How to get to Huancayo?

  Travelling to Huancayo By Bus   Buses from Lima run several times a day through several different companies. The safest and most convenient company to take would be Cruz Del Sur,...
Foto excursions to tourist places

Excursions to tourist places!

On weekends. volunteers have time of relaxing and visiting  tourist places. Huancayo has beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, ruins, and glaciers. Old villages are usually visited by volunte...
Foto spanish lessons

Spanish lessons

    Spanish lessons Most of our volunteers come to Peru with a very poor level of Spanish. This creates a barrier of communication with children in different projects where they have to...