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Martes, 07 de Julio del 2020


How Can I help?

Our organization works closely with every volunteer to ensure the best possible placement. The volunteer’s skillset, interests, and preferences are all taken into consideration when making a placement in the local community. Regardless of the placement, the volunteer will interact with the local community and support staff in their daily activities. Volunteers are also given flexibility in changing their placement upon arrival. If their current placement is not the best fit for their skillset, we will work with the volunteer to adjust their placement. 


Volunteering in the Public Schools

We need teachers who are able to teach English in a primary or secondary school with a basic understanding of the Spanish language. Teaching assistants are also needed. 

Volunteering in the local Special Needs School

Specifically, we look for volunteers with experience in physiotherapy in caring for our students. These volunteers typically work one-on-one with children who have disabilities, help to move the handicapped children from one place to another, etc. The types of disabilities our children have vary. Some common disabilities include autism, blindness, Down ’s Syndrome, neurological weaknesses, and paralysis.

Volunteering in our Medical Centers

Volunteers must be trained medical professionals (e.g. doctor, pharmacist, nurse, emergency medical technician, etc.) or be currently studying some type of health-related field. A certification is required as proof of practice. 

If the volunteer is currently studying medicine, the student will need to provide proof of enrollment (through a copy of their transcript or a letter from their university) prior to their arrival. 

Volunteering in Community Centers, Street Children Programs, and Nurseries.

This placement is designed for volunteers who are able to teach any kind of language, mathematics, or cultural/recreational activity. Activities might include themes such as: yoga, arts, painting, chess, music, dancing, and sports. Additionally, volunteers assist students in completing their homework. All volunteers are encouraged to introduce activities that best utilize their unique skillset and passions.

It is important to note that volunteers should possess at least a basic command of Spanish prior to arrival as most volunteer settings do not have workers with a background in other languages. 



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How Can I help?

    Our organization works closely with every volunteer to ensure the best possible placement. The volunteer’s skillset, interests, and preferences are all taken into consideration...
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