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Viernes, 15 de Diciembre del 2017

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Special Needs School

special needs school

The special needs school is located in one of the suburbs of Huancayo. Here teachers work to teach students with disabilities basic skills using different methods such as songs and crafts. The students range in both age and ability, and with just one teacher to a class, this organization is in desperate need of all the help it can receive. Volunteers help the teachers in their classes as well as working on lesson planning and preparation. With the teachers under such a heavy timetable all help is extremely welcome. The school also has a large intake of deaf students. Previous volunteers have found that there are a lot of similarities between American Sign Language, and the system used here. Therefore, anyone with even the most basic knowledge will be immediately put to good use! 

Despite having many students in need of a physiotherapist, the school unfortunately does not have the funds to employ anyone to work full time. Instead, students from the local University come in to help whenever they can. Previous volunteers have worked with these physiotherapy students, helping them to develop their techniques. We therefore welcome anyone with the training that would enable us to further assist with the physiotherapy of the students at Polivalente.

All of the students at this school are extremely caring and love seeing new faces. Volunteers will be able to work one to one with the students offering vital attention and help. The staff are fantastic and even if there is a language barrier, will go above and beyond to do all they can to help you settle in and get all that you can out of this project. In this way both the volunteer and the student will benefit as much as possible.





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Public Schools

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Foto special needs school

Special Needs School

    The special needs school is located in one of the suburbs of Huancayo. Here teachers work to teach students with disabilities basic skills using different methods such as songs and...
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  We are now working in a Government run nursery which looks after children up until the age of 3. A lot of the children come from single parent families and so this service offers a vital b...

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How to get to Huancayo?

  Travelling to Huancayo By Bus   Buses from Lima run several times a day through several different companies. The safest and most convenient company to take would be Cruz Del Sur,...
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Excursions to tourist places!

On weekends. volunteers have time of relaxing and visiting  tourist places. Huancayo has beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, ruins, and glaciers. Old villages are usually visited by volunte...
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Spanish lessons

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