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Sabado, 18 de Enero del 2020


Catherine Richardson

catherine richardson.uk

Nacionality: English


Date: 2010, 2013 and 2015.

In summer 2015 I returned to Makikita for the third time, which I think speaks volumes about how wonderful the organisation is! Each time I have been welcomed by Juliana and her family with open arms, you feel very well cared for, they’re accommodating to the type of volunteering you’d like to do, and they make sure that you’re feeling okay and enjoying your stay in Huancayo. Just as wonderful are the kids – this time I volunteered in an after-school centre for children who work in a local market, where they come to play games and finish homework. Each child I was privileged to meet is incredible – they’re so affectionate and respectful, calling “Miss!” before coming for a hug. Liliana who runs the centre I was in genuinely cares for each of the children in her care, she is a brilliant mentor and I felt so joyful every afternoon as I made my way to the school, looking forward to another fun afternoon with such wonderful people. Whether you’re helping a twelve year old with maths homework, or building a toy house with seven year old girls, or talking with a fourteen year old about university options, you really can see that you’re making a difference in these kids’ lives. In the mornings I volunteered in a small health outpost in the psychology department, carrying out mental health screening questionnaires and going on a home visit to a young teen, which gave me a great opportunity as a psychology graduate to observe and talk directly with patients. Listening to people, particularly mothers, tell their painful stories was a privileged position to be in, and interacting directly with patients definitely helped me to develop as a professional. Huancayo itself is a beautiful city, waking up and seeing the mountains against the clear blue sky was such a treat every morning. I felt completely safe wandering about the city, and the local cuisine is delicious! There are plenty of places to visit during the weekends just outside of Huancayo with the other volunteers – one day we went to a representation of an Incan ceremony, another time we went on an adventure trek in a local rainforest, and another day to a typical artesans’ market. I cannot recommend Makikita enough – each time I’ve dreaded having to leave the kids and my host families behind, and eagerly count down the days until I can next go back! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to hear more!





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Foto kira guntli

Kira Guntli

Kiras Review Huancayo An unforgettable experience!  One and a half months I was volunteering at Makikita (nov/dec 2017). Juliana is an adorable person and cares a lot about your wellbeing. ...
Foto hana wong

Hana Wong

  Nacionality: New Zealand Age: 26 Date: July - August, 2016.   I didn’t know what to expect when beginning my volunteer experience in Huancayo with Makikita Quykuway, ho...
Foto melissa woods

Melissa Woods

Nacionality: Australian Age:28 Date: April - May, 2016.   My time at Makikita was wonderful! I really felt like I made a difference to the children of Huancayo, and they were ...
Foto kelsey walsh

Kelsey Walsh

  Nationality: United States  Age: 28 Date: Fall 2015   Volunteering through Makikita Quykuway was truly one of the most rewarding international experiences of my lif...
Foto alice hand

Alice Hand

Alice Hand Nacionality: English Age:28 Date: 2014 and 2015 I only have positive things to say about my experiences with the Makikita organisation. The main thing I love about Makikita is that ...
Foto catherine richardson

Catherine Richardson

Nacionality: English Age:25 Date: 2010, 2013 and 2015. In summer 2015 I returned to Makikita for the third time, which I think speaks volumes about how wonderful the organisation is...
Foto collete cradock

Collete Cradock

Collete Cradock Nacionality: English Age:25 Date: 2012 and 2015 I have volunteered in various countries around the world but would say that my experience with Makikita was definitely the mos...
Foto helena stole

Helena Stole

Helena Stole Nacionality: Norway Age:19 Date: 2013 and 2014 Testimonial of Makikita Quakuway I worked as a volunteer student at the Makikita Community Centre and at the Street kids program f...
Foto sarah argyle

Sarah Argyle

Sarah Argyle Nacionality: English Age:25 Date: 2013 Makikita Quykuway is a fantastic charity. Working with the children in the Makikita programme was a fun and thoroughly rewarding experience....
Foto yu xin

Yu Xin

Yu Xin Nacionality: Canada Age:20 Date: 2012 and 2014 I volunteered at Makikita for 4 weeks in the summer of 2012 with 5 friends from the same college. We were evenly spread out throughout t...
Foto eli ccanto

Eli Ccanto

I’ve been to Peru several times to visit my birth family. On my last trip in 2015, I thought it would be interesting to volunteer up in the Andes Mountains and to learn more of the Andean cultu...
Foto niall malone

Niall Malone

  Nacionality: Irish   Age: 24   Date: April, 2007   I would whole-heartedly  recommend Makikita Quykuway to anyone interested in pursuing a valuable, hands-on volu...
Foto sigrid solhaug

Sigrid Solhaug

Nacionality: Irish   Age: 23   Date: April, 2007   My stay in Huancayo spring -07 was a stay I will never forget. I lived for about 6 weeks with a local family (mother Nelly,...
Foto suzan lagan

Suzan Lagan

    Nacionality: Irish   Age: 25   Date: October, 2007   I volunteered for a month in September 2007 and it was a great experience. I have since worked in other volu...
Foto georgina ridgley

Georgina Ridgley

    Nacionality:  English   Age: 21   Date: November, 2007   What an amazing and fullfilling experience, aided by the wonderfull minds behind and fuelling this br...
Foto helen whitehead

Helen Whitehead

  Nacionality: English   Age: 50   Date: February   Volunteering with Makikita Quykuway is not just for young people. Older people have much to contribute. At age 59, I star...
Foto kim rezel

Kim Rezel

      Nacionality: English   Age: 21   Date: November, 2007   I volunteered with Makikita last year over Christmas. I had a wonderful experience volunteering w...
Foto jess kirwan

Jess Kirwan

    Nacionality: Australian   Age: 20   Date: January, 2008   I volunteered for Makikita Quykuway for 2 months in 2008 and during that time learnt so much about so m...
Foto claire fritzsch

Claire Fritzsch

  Nacionality: German   Age: 22   Date: March, 2008   I had a wonderful experience volunteering for Makikita Quykuway. I was able to work in a medical center located in a ve...

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How to get to Huancayo?

  Travelling to Huancayo from Lima (you will first have to fly into Lima) By Bus   Buses from Lima run several times a day through several different companies. The safest and most ...
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Weekend Excursions!

On weekends. volunteers have time to relax and visiting  tourist destinations. Huancayo has beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, ruins, and glaciers. Older surrounding villages are usually v...
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Spanish lessons

    Spanish lessons Most of our volunteers come to Peru with a very low level of Spanish. This creates a communication barrier with children in different projects where volunteers have ...